Virtual ConsultationsVirtual ConsultationsVirtual Consultations

We’ve been busy adapting & innovating!  Developing new ways of working together virtually, and new ways to work safely when to complete final measurements, fabrication and installations.

Want a Custom Closet Consultation? Here’s how it works:  When you reach out to us with a new project, we connect you with the Closet Designer closest to you.  She will:

  • Set up a Video Meeting to discuss your project–your needs, wants & dreams.
  • Share our on-line portfolios with you–inspiration from other projects, details about finishes and accessories.
  • Ask you to take photos & video or facetime to see the closets (home offices, garages etc)–and get you a template to fill out basic dimensions.
  • Design a Custom Design, 3D Rendering, and pricing–and discuss the details with you by Video Meeting.
  • Once final decisions are made, she will arrange with you to let her come quickly measure your spaces, with appropriate PPE and social distancing from you and your family.

We will complete the project together, manufacturing and installing with our new safety protocols.