The 5 Best Ways to Care for Your Clothes

Walk In Closet Nassau

The 5 Best Ways to Care for Your Clothes (1) Check the Laundering Instructions…and do what it says: This is the simplest piece of advice you’ll ever get! Better yet, before falling in love with that beautiful shirt, jumpsuit, piece of lingerie in the store….look at the label and decide whether you’re really willing to […]

George To The Rescue

As seen on NBC’s George To The Rescue Rose Ott Design invites Symmetry Closets to collaborate on a George To The Rescue (NBC) project in Island Park, NY. Symmetry Closets as seen on NBC’s George to the Rescue This episode of George to the Rescue featured the Byrne family of Island Park, NY. John “J.J.” […]

Moving In with Your Better Half

How to Move In with Your Better Half (and Not Break Up in the Process) By Louise Hart This article was originally posted in GQ.com Sharing space with your significant other if a specific sort of problem. The key? A professional organizer breaks it down. Congrats! You’ve decided to take the plunge and move in […]

5 Quick Storage Hacks Prepare Spring

It’s springtime! The changing of the seasons is a wonderful time of new adventure and growth.  As the weather changes, the flowers grow, the trees leaf out–and suddenly we stop wearing sweaters, winter coats and turtlenecks.  This year, we pulled out shorts and tee shirts in April! The Pros advise not to rush into packing away all […]

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