Wish someone could transform your Garage Floor…fast?

Garage Floor

You asked—and we’re happy to announce…we have an excellent Modular Garage Flooring product that our Pro Team has started installing this Fall.   We were looking for a quality product, no fumes, temperature resistant, drivable & easy clean – and we found it with the Modular Garage Flooring product from our friends at RaceDeck.  No need to patch […]

We will magically customize a home office designed just for you. Pixie Dust Included.


Working from home has its challenges.  Let Symmetry Closets help you design and install a workplace to store everything in its proper place.  Click to start a wishlist in our digital showroom and plan your Dream Office today. Free Mindfulness Apps: Healthspace  Calm  Aura  Mylife Meditation  Insight Timer  Smiling Mind  Simple Habit  UCLA Mindfulness  

New hobbies adding to your laundry challenges?

laundry dad

Creative use of our time has been challenging! Let Symmetry Closets help you design a laundry room that can help you take on these new challenges ? Click here to plan your Dream Laundry Room today.  Tips to Remember When Removing Tough Stains: The quicker you deal with a stain, the more likely you are […]

Do You Long to Feel Organized?

Closet Systems Long Island

Professional Organizers and Symmetry Closets Designers Amy Bluestone and Lisa Muscarella give tangible advice about how to create an incredibly organized pantry–like this one!  By Arlene Gross, Long Island Press.com, June 2021 You look around your house and feel overwhelmed by the piles of papers and countless tchotchkes and simply don’t know what to do. […]

Make that 12-Ingredient Recipe Without Hesitation

Pantry Kid Baking

You and your kitchen have been working overtime. Let Symmetry Closets help you design a Pantry that will even make 12 ingredient cookies simpler 🙂 Click here to visit our Pantry page and plan your Dream Pantry today. Ingredients: 2 cups (8 ½ ounces) cake flour 1 cups bread flour, (8 ½ ounces) 1 ¼ […]

Princess Needs A New Closet

Princess Needs A New Closet

Shopping for a best friend is a JOY! Let Symmetry Closets help you design a storage closet that lets you and your best friend enjoy her new wardrobe together 🙂 Click to visit our customize section and plan your Dream Closet today. A few Dog Parks to visit and show off those new clothes:   […]

Are You Longing for An Organized Pantry, Mudroom and Laundry?

Combo pantry laundry mudroom

Are You Longing for An Organized Pantry, Mudroom and Laundry? Try a Combined Mudroom, Laundry & Pantry Space This Efficient Solution does it all!  It’s ideal to locate your Mudroom near the garage for the kids when they first come inside.  Store your family’s belongings with hooks for backpacks and coats, slide out bins below […]

The Luxury of Feeling Secure

The Luxury of Feeling Secure Want to keep your treasures safe and organized?  Store them in your closet—using one of these fashionable and discrete safes The Mycube Safes (available in various colors & styles, including a fire-rated safe) We’ve done the research, and when it comes to Security, Convenience and Style, we love the Mycube […]

The Forgotten Room: Your Garage

The Forgotten Room: Your Garage Expand your functional space today  Wish you could expand your home without changing the footprint?   A well organized garage can stretch the livable, functional space for the entire family–or maybe provide a private space just for you.   Want to Imagine the Possibilities?  Ask our expert Designers today.    We believe Big Dreams do […]