Want to improve your Mood? Get Organized!

Reach In Closets

A recent study confirmed that feeling disorganized makes us feel unhappy*


Out of 1,000 American women surveyed:

1) 1 in 4 people feel their closet is disorganized.

2) 10% are depressed everytime they open up their closet doors.

What can a person do?  Well, she can’t keep her closet organized if there isn’t good structure to begin with!

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This is one example of great closet organization:  Here we see baskets & drawers, dividers for sunglasses or jewelry, hanging that fits your clothes, and optimized shoe storage.

Maybe you need lots of drawers and everything hidden behind doors–then every time you walk into your closet, it’s orderly and neat.

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The Study continues…

3) 44% Can’t find an item in their closets at least once a month.

4) 1 in 9 women said they have been late to work because they couldn’t find anything to wear.

It’s time to take back our time and emotional wellbeing.  If your closet is getting the best of you, take charge–and get the best result from your closet!

Isn’t it time to relax a little?  If you need help, we can help–just ask us how.

*Source: Closet Maid Survey of 1,000 American women

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